New maintenance release: what now?


21-01-2007 21:14:29

To kick off the new year, we're happy to announce the latest maintenance release for those on the 'Dagon' v1.2.x branch. As usual it's a bunch of succulent fixes in a crisp interface-compatible shell. :) Full details of exactly what was changed can be found in the detail of this post. This is a highly recommended update for all using the Dagon branch. There is also a new version of the Blender exporter in this release, this has been in testing for a while and is now considered stable, so Blender users should definitely upgrade.

Do we need to do anything specific from a Mogre point of view?


21-01-2007 23:39:56

I updated to Ogre 1.2.5; I just need to take care a couple of Mogre-specific issues and I'll put out a new release.