MogreFramework Source: Where is it?


21-01-2007 23:08:56

I have been trying to figure out how to look at the source code for the MogreFramework... but after searching the entire source code for Mogre (Downloaded from the sourceforge) I was unable to find anything.

I used grep to search for the keyword "MogreFramework" but I guess maybe I am looking for the wrong thing?

Does anyone know where the source code for the MogreFramework.dll is located? (please, if possible include a path and the file name(s) that is used to compile the DLL )




21-01-2007 23:45:46

This is Clay's framework that he developed for the tutorials, it's not on sourceforge.
He mentions how to get it here.

MogreFramework's SVN:


22-01-2007 01:59:10

ah... as usual another tidbit I did not remember.
Thanks again.