MOGRE 0.1.9 release is out


23-01-2007 12:44:33

All .NET developers around the globe dance and sing in joy, Mogre 0.1.9 is here:

SDK Installer
Source files

Changes since the last version:

  1. Upgraded to Ogre 1.2.5[/*:m]
  2. [FIX] If you constructed an Ogre object and didn't keep a reference to it, Dispose would not work on it if you got it back through another Ogre object, and a memory leak would occur; fixed it.[/*:m]
  3. [FIX} If a STL container was empty, Back/Front properties were causing a crash; now they throw a managed exception[/*:m]
  4. [FIX] Mogre would catch Ogre exceptions but C++ destructors were not getting called, leading to possible memory leaks or crashes. Fixed it by compiling Ogre with /EHa for exception handling.[/*:m]
  5. [Modified] Radian, Degree, Angle now implement the IComparable interface[/*:m]
  6. [Modified] If an Ogre method returns a null SharedPtr, Mogre will return a null reference. 'IsNull' property is removed from all SharePtr classes; in order to see if Ogre returned a null SharedPtr just check for a null reference.[/*:m]
  7. [Added] ArchiveManager, Archive, FileSystemArchive, ZipArchive classes[/*:m][/list:u]

    1. [FIX] Axiom.Input.KeyCodes.Minus keycode was missing, fixed it[/*:m]
    2. [FIX] Immediate keyboard input was not usable when keyboard events were used, fixed it[/*:m]
    3. [Added] Buffered mouse event handling[/*:m][/list:u]

      1. [Added] CelShading demo (contributed by grizzley90)[/*:m][/list:u]


23-01-2007 19:09:25

Thanks Bekas.

:D hehe I was searching for Archive class in the previous release hehe.

Well Thanks Bekas, your effort makes my degree work better. I am creating a software like the old 3D movie maker.


23-01-2007 22:13:08

I am creating a software like the old 3D movie maker.
Hey, that's interesting, will it be open-source and with what license ?


23-01-2007 22:46:04

Well I dont´t know now. I am beginning with the project I want to finish it at september and finish my carreer.

I want to make it available for all people but I don´t know what I will make with the project when I finish it hehe and I can´t release the code now because is for my degree work then I have to write it alone :D. Maybe later it will be GPL I don´t know yet, but I will release some executable first for find bugs.

The source code is in spanish then many people will not understand hehe.
I thinked to write it in english but I am not expert in english and I have to graduate fast.

When I have some interesting to show I Will post something, I hope before you go to the military service.

I looked many many engines, and I decided to use Mogre because it is based in Ogre and because you do very good support at the forums, and sorry for my english not perfect :lol: .



26-01-2007 02:41:09


But I got a problem using the 0.1.9 sdk:
unhandled exception: System.IO.FileLoadException: can not load the file or assembly “Mogre, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null” or a dependency。 (exception from HRESULT:0x800736B1)

I just copied the new libraries from sdk installed folder to my app folder, but they work ok in 0.1.81 sdk.


26-01-2007 03:18:41

Check the following threads, this has been asked before:


27-01-2007 06:47:16

I'm sorry. :oops:


29-01-2007 07:37:45

Hurray! Thanks Bekas! MOGRE is wonderful to work with, thanks for all your work in bringing the power to the people. :)