Support for .3ds?


24-01-2007 17:03:16


I'm a newbie in MOGRE and I have a question about creating entities. In the tutorial 1 there is this line of code:

Entity ent = mgr.CreateEntity("Robot", "robot.mesh");

My question is: Does MOGRE support the .3ds format? I mean, Can I do this:

Entity ent = mgr.CreateEntity("Robot", "robot.3ds");

Or what any other format different than .mesh can MOGRE support?

Thank you,

Agustín Conde


24-01-2007 17:49:01

MOGRE is just a wrapper for Ogre. And Ogre does not, and will not support another mesh format than the built in .mesh. You can create your own mesh loader and load it into a vertex buffer. Or, you can simply use one of the many exporters available to convert your 3ds to mesh.


24-01-2007 19:27:59

I was able to find

Its a list of exporters for the .mesh format that Ogre/Mogre uses.



25-01-2007 02:44:42

OFusion is the way to go :) the CE version is free and in the forum is a post with a port to c# of the c++ version , soon smernesto will release a new port for the new version of Mogre.


25-01-2007 02:58:48

As far as I know, Ofusion is only free for non-commercial use. There are several free (as in beer) exporters available for 3DS Max.