MOGRE 2.0 manual mesh issue


04-08-2017 09:57:08

Hello !

I'm currently using Mogre 1.8 and I try to migrate to Mogre 2.0 by using Amer Koleci's amazing work ( and viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30481).
I begin with small tests which consists of displaying a simple mesh.

When a try to load a mesh from a mesh file, it works, but when I try to manualy generate an mesh with a code which is very close to this one :, I obtain a violation exception during the Root.RenderOneFrame.

After a debug session, I found that the exeption is caused by an access to the VertexData of the mesh during the render operation, which seems to have been disposed (verified by putting a breakpoint into VertexData::!VertexData() in MogreVertexIndexData.cpp).

I don't know if the exeption is caused by a missing element in my code or if it's a bug, but the same code works with Mogre 1.8, and it seems that VertexData or HardwareBuffer objects haven't been modified between 1.8 and 2.0 version.

Would anyone have an idea of the source of the problem or of something that I could test for try to resolve this issue ?
Please indicate me if you need more informations.

Thank you in advance !