using mogre in windows.form applications


19-09-2017 06:31:20

I'm using mogre in a windows form application!
actually i have a form that contains a button and when i click on the button the mogre threads runs!
my problem is when i click again in my main form, the mogre pauses!

i have no idea how to solve this problem!
thank you so much for help!

i could to solve the problem in non-fullscreen mode by adding this line in the first of createscence() function!

but i have still my problem in full screen mode!
please help me to solve this too!


30-09-2017 16:35:53

I am sorry to say it, but this doesnt really give us any information to solve the problem. MOGRE works fine in the Windows.Form application without stopping, so you have to have a bug in your code.