Strange Problem with resources


30-01-2007 20:35:02

I am using MOgre and C# for my level layout tool, the main game is C++.

On some systems, though not all, the tool gets an exception when starting up and running through the resources.cfg file. On all systems the game runs fine using the exact same resources,.cfg file and media tree.

It sounds like a system issue, maybe related to dot net or MOgre, but I have no ideas on how to proceed...


30-01-2007 20:46:31

Can you be more specific about the exception ?
Is it with the latest Mogre version ? If that's the case, maybe it's related to this post


30-01-2007 21:02:42

It is version 1.8.1, I haven't had the time to try out the new version.

The exception says that a pointer does not point at an instance of an object and gives a long list of stack trace.

New data: It turns out that simply replacing the exe with the debug exe makes it work. It may be a debug vs. release problem but that would not explain the fact that the release version runs on other systems.

I am using SP1, and the runtimes are up to date. I know this is true because the main game exe runs fine and was compiled on the same system as the C# tool.


30-01-2007 21:18:10

Can you post the stack trace (at least at which line the exception is thrown) ?

I'm not sure if it's the same issue, but because of this your application can become unstable; it's fixed with the newer version.


30-01-2007 21:46:53

I will try to get the data, but since it is "fixed" for now I don't want to mess with my demo until the important people see it.

I will move on up to the new version at that time as well.