Collision detection?


30-01-2007 22:39:06


Can I detect collisions with MOGRE? and if yes, where can I find tutorials about it?

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30-01-2007 22:50:56

Mogre and Ogre are a graphics engine, you have to use a external library.

Mogre comes with a newton example (MogreNewt), maybe it will useful to you. Newton is a physics library.

Maybe in this forum there is information about others libraries.


03-02-2007 14:02:28

MogreNewt comes with some simple examples, it will be a good idea if you start with that.


08-02-2007 00:28:14

Does anyone have any MOGRE based tutorials to look at?

I know everyone likes to point to the "samples" but samples are not tutorials, and don't really explain the logic.

C++ samples are a bit confusing.



06-03-2007 10:04:30

I think the Mogre tutorials are really poor, after the project i'm working on i would like to contribute a load of tutorials/samples. I'm still learning and trying to absorb everything, and i just can't find what i'm looking for and spending ages trying to figure out the C++ stuff and converting it.

Sorry having a rant, but I would have thought that Mogre and MogreNewt tutorials are something that most people want, especially collision detection!! Everything is all over the place, we need a central place to find what we need... sorry rant over...