Any reason why phsyics debug lines don't update?


03-02-2007 14:12:06

I am having two problems with the physics lines.

1. I call a function that inits and starts the debugger but whenever I add physics after i called the function no lines appear.

2. The physics lines don't seem to want to update, leaving me with this:

This is with the latest mogre and mogrenewt.


03-02-2007 14:28:30

Physic debug lines do not update automatically, you have to call
at each frame.
You can study the mogrenewt samples, debug lines work fine there.


03-02-2007 14:41:31

oh my excuses... i was under the impression that it should update by it self... if you call showlines then it should show lines all the time until you tell it hidelines but i guess thats not the case... my excuses.