07-02-2007 11:03:32

Yup, it's me again. I am having a problem getting MogreNewt to work. It keeps telling me that I am missing a file (FileNotFound exception in MogreNewt).

I have installed Newton.DLL int both the ogre and project bin directories (debug, since it is not in release form--everything else works), yet it continues to give me that error.

I tried adding the Newton.DLL into the project, however, VC Expresses (SP1) tells me that it is not valid and cannot be added. I redownloaded the Newton SDK and readded the file without any effect.

Any ideas?


08-02-2007 00:18:27

Whats the exact name and date on the new DLL that you are using?
Where did you put it?


08-02-2007 05:18:21

Can you get the MogreNewt samples to work ?


09-02-2007 11:24:33

The new release fixed it :)