MOGRE Problem with Tutorial in VS 2005


07-02-2007 23:07:23

Hi friends!

I'm new here and I came to a couple of problems when using MOGRE in Visual Basic .NET 2005 (Express Edition).

I tried to go from the first tutorial to the last one in the WIKI (the MOGRE Tutorials written in C#) but I didn't come far. I have managed to create the render window that is displayed in black without an error. Great.

But then I tried to go on in the tutorial and create the scene manager etc. The Problem is: as soon as I call the "win.go();" function, the code won't be executed until the window is closed.

So where do I have to add my objects and stuff? If I want to get the scene manager BEFORE the window.go it says that the object is nothing, if I want to do it after window.go it doesn't work, 'cos the code is "stopping" at window.go waiting for the window to be closed.

Any tipps for a newbie?



07-02-2007 23:20:58

Not sure to understand clearly what you want, but if you want to execute some code as you are in the 'win.go()' function you have to register some events. The simplest one is to register the 'FrameStarted' Event. This is detailled in tutorial 4.


08-02-2007 00:14:36


Thanks for your help.

That's exactly what I wanted to know.

From other 3D engines I was used to call the rendering function manually in a loop, but in this case it seems that the loop is done automatically and I get this event each time a frame is started.

Thanks a lot