Overlay location?


13-02-2007 16:58:14


I have a question about the overlay elements. In the Demo.ExampleApplication project in the Example.cs class in the method UpdateStats() (line 344, I think) there is this line of code:

OverlayElement guiAvg = OverlayManager.Singleton.GetOverlayElement("Core/AverageFps");

My question is: Where the hell is "Core/AverageFps"?? I mean I can't find a file in the OgreSDK installation folder wich has an element called "Core/AverageFps". I want to know where it is, because I want to learn how to make this overlay elements so I can print any data I want in the screen. Sometimes in debug time I need to see some variable values. Anyway, I want to learn where do you put this "Core/AverageFps". Thank you.

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13-02-2007 18:03:52

It's in "C:\OgreSDK\media\packs\OgreCore.zip" -> OgreDebugPanel.overlay