MOGRE 0.1.9 without VS2005 SP1??


17-02-2007 00:43:37


I have to many troubles with the SP1 release of VS2005 (Many some you experience problem?)!!

I would like to uninstall it and work back with VS2005.

Bekas do you think it is possible to release ancompiled version of Mogre 0.1.9 working with VS2005?



17-02-2007 08:40:33

It's too much fuss for me; if someone compiles Mogre with pre-SP1 visual studio and puts the DLLs/Libs, Ogremain_d.pdb and Mogre.pdb in a zip file, I'll put it on sourceforge.

But development doesn't require VS SP1, this is required if you use the Ogre binaries by C++. Think of your machine as a deployment machine, you need only the VC++ libraries installed, not the Visual Studio SP1.

The release VC++ libraries are installed with vcredist_x86, the issue is with the debug ones. I'm under the impression that you are not allowed to distribute these with your application ("only for internal debugging purposes", something like this), anyone has a different opinion ?

Another idea would be to try to compile the debug Mogre/Ogre with the release CRT library, I'm not sure how this would work..

Any ideas anyone?


19-02-2007 20:08:57

It took me quite a long time, but I finally did it, I compiled MOGRE 0.1.9 without Visual Studio SP1 (I don't know about you, but to me SP1 is more buugy than the previous release).

Bekas, tell me where can I upload the DLL/Libs etc if someone needs them.