[solved] calculateInertialMatrix?


06-03-2007 16:12:51

does calculateInertialMatrix in MogreNewt's convex collision exist? Also calculateVolume doesn't seem to be there either (although it's in the actual dll)

***EDIT*** woops... I was using a MogreNewt.Collision variable (not MogreNewt.ConvexCollision), so it was working but not with intellisense so it wasn't picking up the method.

PS why does Mogre have it's own vec3 class? c++ just uses Ogre's


07-03-2007 03:51:29

MOgre has its own so that your in C# computations will go faster instead of requiring a native method call for every single vector operation you do.


07-03-2007 11:10:14

yeah I actually thought I was looking at MogreNewt.Vector3
The last few days I've had VERY little sleep and it's clear what that does to your mind :) I even deleted another post which was even more obvious ;)