material.setFog() doesn't work


13-03-2007 14:55:21

I am trying to change the fog settings of a material programatically on each frame. This seems to work only the first time. Each consecutive attempt fails, meaning I can't see any changes in the render window.

I query the fog properties of the material, they do actually change. I also have tried to set the fog on technique level and pass level but no difference either.

the code I use is something like this:

MaterialPtr material = MaterialManager.Singleton.GetByName("materialName");
material.SetFog(true,FogMode.LINEAR,new ColourValue(1,1,1),0.001f,10,100);

Any idea?

Oh, I still use Mogre 1.8, btw.


14-03-2007 11:20:23

solved it. You haved to set the material name on the object that the material is applied to after the material property has been set (ie fog override properties)