Beginner questions...


18-03-2007 18:18:31

hi all..

looks like MOgre is that what i am looking for..

but i have some little beginner questions..

1. are docs available how to use Sound Libs with this wrapper?
2. are docs available how to use Physic Libs with this wrapper?
3. are libs for AI available which i can also use with MOgre?
4. is something like a GUI (perhaps CEGUI) for MOgre available?

sorry, i hope the questions are not so stupid... :)

thanks for the answers.. :)


21-03-2007 00:23:24

The best source of info is the wiki page

For GUI there's the SWIG wrapper of CeguiNet (there's a Mogre sample using it).


31-05-2007 18:38:33

(...)there's a Mogre sample using it(...)

Are You thinking about the on which is in SNV repository? Because I saw there is no C# GUI sample in the latest installer (0.2.0) :)

I would be very happy if I could get it working. When I ran it and I always get: "The type initializer for 'Mogre.Cegui.OgreBindings_CeguiPINVOKE (...)"

If someone has the answer please tell me how can I fix this :cry: