input engine


18-03-2007 19:56:41

hi all

does MOgre have a input engine for key inputs (like in a game engine)




19-03-2007 19:57:50

MOgre, as Ogre, is for rendering only, but input engines are quite easy to use with MOgre. You can use direct input from DirectX. Have a look at the ExempleApplication that comes with MOgre, it is very good and quite easy


19-03-2007 20:22:07

i tried´...

none of the examples did work..

only errors..

a file handle was missing ?!


19-03-2007 21:22:26

bad news, these examples are made to work, you should go carefully through to tutorial 0 again....


20-03-2007 08:20:07

using Axiom.Input;

The MOgre example app includes it and initalises an 'input' variable
I assume the next release with use a wrapped OIS for input which will be nice as it supports joysticks/wheels and Wii controllers :)