This vs OgreDotNet?


24-03-2007 09:49:56

hey I'm fairly new here and I am looking for a net wrapper for Ogre. I found MOgre and OgreDotNet. What's the difference between these two projects? Also it looks like there isn't much going on in the OgreDotNet forums.



24-03-2007 19:28:11

OgreDotNet is a SWIG wrapper, and I don't beleive it's maintained much anymore (I could be wrong, so forgive me if I am in correct on this).

MOGRE is a C++/CLI wrapper around OGRE, with some native CLI classes sprinkled in (mostly the math classes). MOGRE is currently maintained by Bekas, but I know he is looking for a new maintainer. I will say this though, there are a few of us on here who use MOGRE quite extensively and will probably be willing to take on the project.


24-03-2007 20:14:09

Thanks for information