Are there any collision library's for C#?


26-03-2007 15:14:15

I want to do a simple line pick..ray->object returns position where ray intersects.
Did a look at Newton but couldnt find that feature.
So, are there any "simple" collision libs for C# out?

For Ogre it seems theres something called OPCODE, but its C++ only?


26-03-2007 15:48:29

Yep Mogrenewt has it, just use something like:

BasicRaycast ray = new BasicRaycast(world, start, end);
BasicRaycast.BasicRaycastInfo tInfo = ray.getInfoAt(0);

Vector3 direction=(end-start);

Vector3 hitPosition= start + direction * tInfo.mDistance;


26-03-2007 16:13:04

Great, now i know where to look (OgreNewt API not Newton API).
Thank you. :wink: