MOGRE 0.2.0 for OGRE 1.4.0 is out


27-03-2007 00:00:34

I forgot to mention, that the OIS version is CVS HEAD, with WiiMote support enabled (only mouse+keyboard is tested though)


27-03-2007 05:02:09

Thanks Bekas, I will test the OSM loader in the new Mogre.


27-03-2007 09:40:55

Great, thanks Bekas!


27-03-2007 11:52:45

Thank you very much!

Also a big thank you to the Ogre Team.


27-03-2007 13:16:20

Thanks very much! Look forward to taking it for a spin


28-03-2007 06:25:48

Woot, downloading to install now!


28-03-2007 09:18:47



28-03-2007 20:07:21

Great!!!! I am going to port MogreFreeSl soon.


28-03-2007 21:01:51


Greak work! Any news on when ceguinet will be updated?



29-03-2007 16:07:14

Any news on when ceguinet will be updated?
Don't know yet, definitely before May though..


04-04-2007 07:44:29

Hi all,

Seems i have problem for compiling ...

1) you may put all demo to depend of Mogre in the solution
2) When i only compile Mogre, i have lots of link problem.

Do you have any idea ?

(PS if it was already posted, excuse me ...)

(PPS Thanks for this wrapper. I love ogre and my C#. If you need a bit help on marshalling, i "marshal" in my society for creating an automatic wrapper for C lib)

Thanks !


04-04-2007 10:46:57

When i only compile Mogre, i have lots of link problem.
You mean the source from '' right ?

What exactly are the link problems ?
Was Ogre compiled fine ?

The source in that zip file has passed the "Works On My Machine" certification program :wink:


04-04-2007 11:15:21

Hi !

I am at the office now, i'll give you more detail in few hours.

First of all, Ogre compiled fine ...

I have updated the lib path of the ogremain_d.lib

and then, i catch about 500 links problem (one by ogre function i think.)

If you have any idea ...

PS, i will try once more tonight.

See ya later !


04-04-2007 11:20:55

I can't compile MOGRE from SVN trunk. At least one file mogreprerequisites.h is lost.


04-04-2007 12:39:45

I have updated the lib path of the ogremain_d.lib
There shouldn't be any need to do that, it's already set to "MOGRE-0.2.0\ogrenew\lib".
You are compiling the Ogre source included in "MOGRE-0.2.0\ogrenew", right ?

I can't compile MOGRE from SVN trunk
I removed the auto-generated source files from SVN. The code generator tool is on SVN, I'll put instructions for it on the wiki sometime.

'', on the other hand, contains all the auto-generated source files, so the compilation process for that is much simpler.


04-04-2007 13:11:06

No, actualy, i put the "ogrenew" folder at the same level of the folder Mogre2.0

I'll try later !

Thanks for the reply.


11-04-2007 16:11:32

Hey Bekas, is the current MOGRE-0.2.0 up to date with the final release of Eihort, or is it still the last release candidate? Just need to know if I need to update yet.


11-04-2007 18:10:33

The current mogre is the latest eihort release ... so there is no need to update.


11-04-2007 21:54:15

@Kerion: Yep, as grizzley said, it's the final release of Eihort.


25-08-2007 14:23:58

Hi all !

Just one question, do you have any information on CEGUI pourting for C# ?

Do we have in Mogre other GUI aviable ?

Thanks !