Drawing a simple image?


27-03-2007 15:05:52

Is it possible to draw a simple image on the screen? I mean.. I do not want to get into CEGUI (too much for the requirements I have), and I want to be able to use a custom cursor composed of one (or more, for animation) bitmaps which is rendered instead of the regular mouse cursor. How to do this?


27-03-2007 20:34:01

Overlays should be sufficient for your purposes.


27-03-2007 21:56:27

Found something better :)


30-03-2007 18:26:23

Found something better :)

Would you mind sharing that? =]


30-03-2007 19:39:59

Well, what I thought was better was not, so I have settled with overlays :)

Check your other thread, responded how to show an overlay.

What I am curious to know is if it is possible to add my own param to an overlay file and somehow read it. The thing I want to do is add the name of what Lua function will be linked to what overlay element.