CEGUI problem


30-03-2007 09:40:05

As if yesterday was not full of problems, here comes more ;)

Just finished implementing CEGUI. But, there is a problem.. I cannot see the mouse cursor.

Here's the code on how I initialize everything:

public void Setup()
m_refGUIRenderer = new OgreCEGUIRenderer
(byte)RenderQueueGroupID.RENDER_QUEUE_OVERLAY, false, 3000,
m_refGUISystem = new GuiSystem(m_refGUIRenderer);

m_refGUISystem.SetDefaultMouseCursor("QuadraticLook", "MouseArrow");
CeguiDotNet.Window sheet = CeguiDotNet.WindowManager.Instance.LoadWindowLayout("ogregui.layout");

All the files exist, and there is an entry for "MouseArrow" in the QuadraticLook files, but it does not show up. A custom mouse cursor is the sole reason why I have selected CEGUI. At first, I wanted my own custom GUI system, but apparently, doing a custom mouse cursor was not possible because it did not follow the real mouse cursor's position, it got offset as I moved up and down the window. When the cursor was pointing at the lower regions of the screen, the custom cursor fell into the correct position, but the more I moved the real cursor upwards, the more the custom one fell behind. Really weird. So.. CEGUI should be able to help me, if it just wants to show me the cursor :(