MOIS missing from 0.2.0?


04-04-2007 17:12:08

Getting a compile error.

It looks like Ogre built find as did Mogre.dll (and ogre again), but when I try to build the examples, I get this error:

C:\Projects\MOGRE-0.2.0\Samples\ExampleApplication\Example.cs(21,19): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'MOIS' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Because the example app does not compile, the rest of the examples fail.


04-04-2007 18:55:18

Oops :oops: , I forgot to add it.

You can get it from the SDK or from SVN: ... g/MOIS.dll ... /OIS_d.dll ... e/MOIS.dll ... se/OIS.dll

Get the native OIS dll too, because it's a different version from the one in Ogre's prerequisites.

[edit] fixed the OIS.dll link [/edit]


04-04-2007 19:38:10

Thanks, I will get these and try again...

I thought I was going crazy :lol:

Got the files and it works great!

The release version URL you gave is slightly off ... se/OIS.dll