Errors in the code generator?


06-04-2007 04:37:48

There are some functions in the wrapper that on some condition may return nothing while they should return bool.
For example:

bool raise( Mogre::FrameEvent evt )
if (_frameEnded)
bool mp_return;
for (int i=0; i < _frameEndedDelegates->Length; i++)
mp_return = static_cast<Mogre::FrameListener::FrameEndedHandler^>(_frameEndedDelegates[i])( evt );
if (mp_return == false) break;
return mp_return;

It maybe harmless of course. But it does not look great.:wink:


11-04-2007 22:44:47

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, but it's actually harmless. I can post a detailed (and boring) explanation why is that, if you're interested.