Shadow problems


10-04-2007 17:16:19

I have enabled Stencil Additive shadows, a Generic scene manager and have a light in my scene (does not matter what type, but right now I have a point light). In my scene, I have a rectangular character and a couple of cubic metal boxes... but here comes the funny part. None of them cast any shadows. They are set to cast shadows, and the geometry is set to receive shadows.

However, loading any of the .mesh files from the Ogre SDK will show shadows for them, so is there some form of restriction for simple meshes not casting shadows?


10-04-2007 17:42:41

Another problem, not really related, is the fact that setting the AmbientLight property does not affect the scene in any way..


10-04-2007 17:57:22

Using this ( ... Tutorial_2) tutorial works, but it seems to be using OgreWindow. Since I ran into problems before with having my application in full screen while using a Form, I have skipped that part. This is how I set up my scene manager:

// Create scene manager.
m_refSceneManager = m_refRoot.CreateSceneManager(SceneType.ST_GENERIC);
m_refSceneManager.ShadowColour = ColourValue.Black;
m_refSceneManager.AmbientLight = ColourValue.White;

// Set shadow properties.
GetScene().ShadowTechnique = ShadowTechnique.SHADOWTYPE_STENCIL_ADDITIVE;


11-04-2007 22:24:26

If you set on the mesh a material from the Ogre SDK (like "Examples/Rockwall"), does it cast shadows then ?


12-04-2007 10:44:50

No, but the ambience works... preeeeetty weird :)


12-04-2007 21:11:50

Got ambient light to work, seems like I had accidently put in some values for ambience and specular in the material.

Shadows are still not working, its weird. If I load robot.mesh, shadows show up on it, but not for my own meshes... :(


07-05-2007 21:58:56

try set the ambient light to black....
It worked for me.


07-05-2007 22:33:39

The problem seems to be that oFusion exports edge lists the wrong way.


29-02-2008 21:53:57

In the main time I'm having the same problem; I'm following the "Beginner Tutorial 2: Cameras, Lights, and Shadows"; i have exported some mesh from the 3d Studio using Ofusion and OgreMax, and none of them have been able to cast shadows on the plane or the rest of the objects in the Scene, however, the .mesh original from the SDK do cast shadows.

Thanks for any help you can give me :P


04-03-2008 02:08:43

I have the same problem....
I exporter the model from 3ds max with ofusion. but when I used in ogre. the cast shaws on the plane or the rest of the object Scene don't been able.

know some body how to fix the problem

PD: Sorry for the English. I am very bad written.


06-07-2008 15:21:35

I´m having exactlly the same problem, Meches created in 3Ds max and exported with OgreMax don´t cast shadows in my applications but the same code with the ninja.mech makes shadows. Im clueless... is there anyone who recognize the problem and have a solution?