How can i make a model to walk over a terrain


10-04-2007 20:10:02

Sorry for this newbie question.. but as you can see.. i'm new with Ogre and Mogre..

I can load a terrain, use input with MOIS and add Skies and Fog.. but.. i don't know hoy to load a mesh over the terrain (i know how to load the mesh, but not over the terrain) and make de mesh to walk there.

Thanks everyone!!


10-04-2007 20:35:48

I do it by having spawn points and loading my characters at those spawn points. I also use MogreNewt for physics and collision detection, which makes it possible for any characters to adapt well to the geometry.


10-04-2007 20:37:58

Could you bring some sample of how do you this? i Don't have too much idea of how to use Newton for physics and collision...