CeguiDotNet AccessViolationException

He Who Is

11-04-2007 21:15:21

Well, I'll begin by apologizing for the lack of information here. Unfortunately, this is all I know:

Here's all the relavant code:

Root root;

//A log is intitialised here

root = new Root("res\\lib\\Mogre\\plugins.cfg", "res\\lib\\Mogre\\Ogre.cfg");

//User selects Rendering Subsystem from a drop-down list



rWin = root.CreateRenderWindow("", 0, 0, true);

ocr = new OgreCEGUIRenderer(rWin);

gs = new GuiSystem(ocr);

That last line, where the CeguiDotNet.GuiSystem is initialized, throws an AccessViolationException. Checking the MSDN Library reveals that this is probobaly a result of memory operations using several bad pointers. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this, or should I submit it as a bug?

BTW: Dissection of the exception revealed that it was thrown by "{IntPtr new_GuiSystem__SWIG_1(System.Runtime.InteropServices.HandleRef)}" which leads me to believe that the problem is not in CeguiDotNet, but actually in SWIG.


11-04-2007 22:07:18

CeguiNet is not up-to-date with the latest Mogre yet. Most probably the next SDK release will have a working CeguiNet.

He Who Is

12-04-2007 14:55:13

Thanks. Do you happen to know how much progress has been made on the next SDK release, and when it should be released?

EDIT: Wait... Are you sure? The copy of CeguiNet I'm using was distributed with my copy of the Mogre SDK. It seems strange that they'd distribute an incompatible version of CeguiNet with Mogre.


30-04-2007 18:19:34

Is CeGuiNet still broken? Will it be fixed soon?
What other possibilities are there for GUI for MOgre?