How to recompile the mogre assembly (strong name needed)


27-04-2007 13:43:43


i just want to start using mogre as i'm working with C++/CLI and MOGRE resp. OGRE looks very promising.

My assemblies are signed/strong named and so i can't use the mogre assembly (which has no strong name) because VS2005 will give me a

LNK2022 assembly has no strong name

So i'm left with two alternatives:
1. Recompiling MOGRE and give it a key/strong name. But i don't know how to recompile MOGRE
/EDIT: I just found the source and will compile it (i thought that the SDK is compile-able, too).

2. Hoping that my request for a signed MOGRE assembly will be successfull and use that in the future.

In the meantime it would be great if somebody could tell me how to recompile MOGRE so that i can sign this assembly and use it. But that should only be a workaround because it would be a better idea to have the MOGRE SDK signed by default.




27-04-2007 18:19:37

Ok. I succeeded compiling the sources and now the assemblies are signed.

My questions remain:

Is there a reason why the mogre assemblies are unsigned?
It seems wrong if i sign assemblies written by others, right?


27-04-2007 20:44:58

Is there a reason why the mogre assemblies are unsigned?
It's more of the other way around, there wasn't a strong reason for signing the assemblies..
Is the reason that you want to install Mogre.dll in the GAC ?
[edit] Oh, never mind, I didn't read carefully; it's that you are signing your own.
I'll have them signed for the next release.[/edit]


28-04-2007 11:58:46

That's very good news - thank you :)


09-09-2007 05:35:08

NeoCoder, could you post what you did to sign the assemblies.

I tried with Mogre's latest version 0.2.2 and I cannot load the signed library in my application. it always gives me "Unable to load assembly..."

I checked mogre.dll with sn -vf and it seems signed correctly.

Can someone checkin the modifications to the source to automatically sign the Dlls using the SVN sources.