Support for Mono?


27-04-2007 14:55:47

All that talk about mogre not supporting mono... yet! I searched the forums but didn't find the current status of mono support (and consequent Linux support) plans.
"Doesn't work in Linux through Mono (yet)"

With Beakas going to military, will there be support for mono in the next 12 months?


27-04-2007 20:49:11

I doubt it :?
'yet' does make it seem like there's still ongoing effort for this, I'd better remove it..


22-06-2008 17:35:29


After all this time, is there any possibility of running a mogre windows .net application in Linux with Mono?



23-06-2008 03:41:50

not a single chance .. while mogre is still a C++/CLI based wrapper..

mono doesnt support C++/CLI mixed code.. so unless mogre gets completely recoded from scratch..

mogre will NOT work on mono or other OS other than windows..

hope this clears this up :D


25-06-2008 23:24:50

dodongoXP is right...

Mono dont support yet (i thing never) C++/CLI or any kind or mixed assembly mode. That mixing assembly is the power of MOGRE (this mean high performance) and the only disventages because we cant use it outside windows. The only chance to get "MOGRE" under linux is making a wrapper using SWIG but that wrapper will suck, because all the performance problems that this kind of wrapper have.

the MOGRE-OGRE interconnection guide explain why. ... connection