Why Fork OgreNewt?


27-04-2007 21:56:25

I am curious as to why OgreNewt was forked (by porting to MOgre) instead of being wrapped with the same system Ogre is wrapped with?

I can already start to the disadvantages of this (at least to the original version) in the fact that the debug system has been enhanced, but only for the C# version. If users of the original want this feature they must port it over. You could easily see how this could go back the other way if more work gets put into the original OgreNewt. This just fractures support.


28-04-2007 08:41:46

You are right about the disadvantages although it's not a big problem because OgreNewt is pretty stable (not a moving target like Ogre) and MogreNewt is in C++/CLI (not C#) thus it's easier to port changes between the two.

The advantages are that there's no wrapping layer involved and you can actually subclass and override virtual methods in a natural way, something not possible for a wrapper.