Considerable slowdown with many lights


27-05-2007 17:52:21

I have 7 lights in my scene, and the FPS is considerably lower than I had expected (~15 fps). Only one of the lights is set to cast shadows. If I turn all shadow-casting off, nothing special happens to the fps.

I remember something about using these kind of software lights from when I was into OpenGL programming a few years ago, and that was that if you have more than 3 lights at any given time you'll start to see slowdowns because graphics cards are not keen on software lighting.

Is this something that others here have observed, or am I simply imagining things?


27-05-2007 20:55:28

I don't know the answer to your question but this is an Ogre not a Mogre question. It will get answered faster in my forum.


27-05-2007 22:04:33

Many lights at the same time degrade the performance.

There is some techniques for simulating light, how light maps.

Try light maps search in the main forum.
Light/shadow maps are precalculated lights for static objects in the scene.