Question about Mogre loader


27-05-2007 20:05:28


I'm a student. I'm new to OGRE (MOGRE). I would like to use it to finish a small application (project on my university).

When I start my demo app (tutorial 1) i see a nice MOGRE loader with progressbar. Is there a way to switch back to the old one (I'v seen in OGRE) with render device name combobox, etc?

The next thing i'm interested in: I'v got a simple model - created in Cinema 4D - i made it on laboratories. I would like to use MOGRE to show my model. Are there any information which model(mesh) format does MOGRE load?


28-05-2007 15:11:13

OGRE has his own format. Is .mesh a bin compilated. Only you need is import your model to Blender or 3Dmax and install the plug-ins for OGRE than allow you export to .mesh format. Then you can load to OGRE.

About progress bar... is a code snippet in wiki page to learn how to.

Sorry my english.


28-05-2007 18:41:25

I ran through all pages on WIKI and other sources. Now i have a little bit of knowledge about (M)OGRE. I found CINEMA4D exporter and as I checked it works for me.

So now i will try to deal with loader. Till your answer I had hope that I can switch the loader easly, without writing any line of code.