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The zxeno prophet

08-06-2007 08:58:43

I'm currently working on a project that will need to display very large and very detailed landscape generated from geographic data.
To make my basic mesh of the landscape i will use heightmap (and a lot og them) my question are :
-Can use multiple heightmap at the same time in Mogre/Ogre ? (if yes please tell me how, cause after a few search i didn't find how ^^!)

-Is there already a feature to merge multiple terrain, generated from heightmap, together ? (if no is there a way to make polygones by code ?)

Sorry if it has already been ask, but my research on the forum didn't come out with something intresting


16-06-2007 09:32:22

Sound like you need a paging landscape scene manager. Try checking the main ogre wiki The main ogre forums may also be helpful as this isn't really a mogre specific issue.



17-06-2007 02:58:30

As mentioned you need a paging landscape scene manager (PLSM). The Official version Ogre doesn't have PLSM however there is at least one PLSM community project. Google the main Ogre forums for PLSM and PLSM2.
Unfortunatelly there isn't a .NET binding for PLSM2 so it might be tricky to get that working with Mogre.