Progress of Linux Port


06-07-2007 22:26:05

Hello all, but especially hello to the maintainers,

a few monts ago there was the discussion about the port to Mono ..

I like the idea from Bekas to use [FieldOffset] attributes. And my question is whether the work on this idea stopped or if this project will go on. I'm sure there are many many people out there who would like a mono port. Ogre is such a wonderful engine, it would be a pity if the linux community is not able to use OGRE under .NET.

Despite of that, the work you have done - Bekas - is already fantastic. Thanks for that! If there is the possibility to help you with porting MOGRE to Mono, i'll offer you my help...




09-07-2007 00:57:12

A mono port of ogre would be a huge contribution to the open source community. There are so many failing and unmaintained attempts at even just simple opengl/sdl/etc. Having ogre as the center piece for open source 3d .net programming would just be amazing.


09-07-2007 19:21:55

I hope you'll achieve it. I love Mono and Linux. And I'm programming a game (hosted in sourcegforge) using Mogre and VS Express and .Net, but in the targets for accept my project I was tell to sourceforge that I should work on Monodevelop and Mono, but I was crashed onto a wall... is impossible at now.