MOIS Sources???


08-07-2007 14:48:01

Hi, I am trying to learn about MOIS (managed wrapper for OIS) though reading the code. But I can't found the sources for the namespace MOIS that generates MOIS.DLL.

I have checked (not double checked...):

MOGRE (repo from sourceforge)
wgois (repo from sourceforge)

Any idea??



15-07-2007 19:15:53

Yeah, you are right.

I have no idea where MOIS comes from. I am looking at the dissasembled code in Reflector and it seems to have been generated by the same process as Mogre (Use autowrap to create CLI/C++ code that wraps a native C++ DLL).

But we do not seem to have the modified C++ code nor the XML config file used for the wrapping. At each build, the same MOIS.dll and OIS.dll are copied over and over. It would probably only take a few hours to re-do MOIS from the C++ source. Until then we are baiscally stuck with the same OIS version forever i guess.




15-07-2007 19:28:14

I don´t know if it this but in the CVS of OIS there are code for .NET


15-07-2007 19:41:50

The dot net directory in OIS CVS is extremely old, and not related at all to MOIS. At one time Bekas emailed me some items related to MOIS, but I don't think he ever gave me the tools / source he used to generate the assembly. Unfortunately, I do not seem to have the email he sent me before :( So I cannot say for sure.

Perhaps I can get in touch with him and ask him where the MOIS build scripts, source, etc can be found.


01-08-2007 14:32:20

Hey, the sources are on my PC, I'll upload them to SVN as soon as possible.


10-01-2008 00:10:25

Hi Bekas,

did you add the sources into the SVN?
I couldn't find it (by looking on the fly).
If they are not included, please do it.
(is this the port of the 1.0 finally version?)

Now I also created a MOIS article in the wiki. It's not big but a beginning. Until now I have no experience to it, but I want to use it in future. Later I can add more information (or someone else do it).
I added example code how to use from code I found, but I'm not shure if it's correct.

Greeting from Germany



10-01-2008 00:18:57

Bekas is in the military service, I think he maybe return to home again in may, maybe...

I hope he return to the forums soon.