Can I help you?


16-07-2007 12:43:24


I'm a three years student and I have to make a final year proyect. I'm interesting about Mogre, but it's my first time that I work with graphics. I program in C# and I could help you in this proyect.

If there are something that I can make, how could I help you?



18-07-2007 02:50:20


Well, I guess we cant really say no to some help. But you gotta understand that Mogre is just a wrapper and the code is generated automatically from the Ogre C++ code. So there is not much work to do besides packaging a new release when a new Ogre version is released. All the graphics code is in the Ogre C++ code.

On the top on my head, (and I am not in any way a an admin, just a regular user for the last 6 month), maybe the only projects that would need work are the side projects like CEGUI which is badly outdated or the QuickUI port that someone did (see recent threads).

Bekas probably might have somekind on roadmap in his head.



24-07-2007 12:47:29


i agree, there is not much to do in this project. But what if some guys familar with Ogre and MOGRE could write some ports / wrappers for plugins? I mean there are a bunch of new interesting and great popping up at the moment, so this could be really usefull if one wants to develop a large scale project or something.
I personally would like to develop my project using MOGRE because i really like the C# Syntax and all.