Building a release version


17-07-2007 13:20:23


I´m trying to build a release version in my mogre project with C#, but it does not work! I get exactly the same fps with release that I get with debug.
And yes, I take the files from the bin/release folder from the sdk to build a release.

I´ve tried without using mogre (ogre in C++) and it works fine, so I don´t understand really.

In my main menu in my game I´m showing 1 fullscreen overlay (yes it is power of two, 1024x1024), and I get around ~400 fps, and that is not high enough to be release, right? (because I get around 1000 in release mode in C++ in ogre when just showing one fullscreen overlay)

Is this just that C# is THAT much slower than C++, or is it something else?
I´ve tried with the options and such in the compiler to compile a release or debug version with C# (works fine with C++), but as I said; the release fps is equal to the debug fps.

Anyone got any ideas/suggestions please?


17-07-2007 19:38:23

I don´t know why don´t work for you, but I am working with release .dll of Mogre and getting good FPS.

The demos run slowly also ?


18-07-2007 02:53:12

Humm I cant really come to a conclusion with the numbers i see. Only 1 or 2 overlays on the screen is not a very complicated scene.

In your release folder, if you have OgreMain.dll (no "_d"), you have the release version. That's all there is to it.

In my scenes which are getting more and more complex, I go from about 30 FPS in debug to 200-300 in release, so there is no doubt here.