Question about debuging Events Handler


20-07-2007 12:38:27

Hi peeps,

I hope you'll be able to help me because i'm a bit lost. Here is my problem:
I'd like to trace my events handler methods, putting in breakpoints.

m_root.FrameStarted += new Mogre.FrameListener.FrameStartedHandler(m_root_FrameStarted);

bool m_root_FrameStarted(Mogre.FrameEvent mogreEvent)
return true;

Actually, when i put a breakpoint in this method, when the event happenned, my application stop there but i have no possibility to trace the end of the method or even, continu the runtime. (sorry for my english) I haven't the yellow arrow on my breakpoint as i usually have with other BPs. I hope you understand what i mean... This occurs only with events handler.

Thx a lot for the next :)


20-07-2007 16:04:10

Hi there!

I am almost glad you had this problem! This drove me nuts last week. Two requirements for debug to work in event handlers :

1) You must use the debug version of Mogre.dll (which uses OgreMain_d.dll). You probably already do that.

2) The Mogre.pdb file MUST be present with Mogre.dll. There is a a version of Mogre where that was missing. Try to see if the latest release that matches ogre 1.4.3 fixes that.

The missing pdb file will cause breakpoints to be missed. On my machine, VS.NET or my application was even crashing when my breakpoints were hit. Strange!

Let me know it if works.