mogrenewt patch


22-07-2007 09:55:26

Hello. I'm working on a small game using Mogre and MogreNewt, and I ran across a small issue with Body.getMassMatrix. I grabbed the latest SVN source to investigate and found a bug in getMassMatrix and getInvMass. The functions apparently pass incorrect references to the native Newton functions. As a result, I created a patch for them.

I'm not sure where you go to put patches on the page. I uploaded a patch to the tracker, even though I'm not sure that's the right spot for it.



22-07-2007 12:31:51

Thanks for making the patch.

I'll try to download it and apply it to SVN.



22-07-2007 13:03:33

It is now committed to SVN (rev #219), so it will be included in the next release.

I verified that MogreNewt still builds and the 2 small samples still works correctly.