Weird results using HDR compositor


02-08-2007 20:27:09

Hi all!

Have been trying for months now getting the HDR compositor in Ogre to work. When I run the Compositor Demo (from the Ogre Demo bundle) the HDR looks pretty damn sweet. I have then copied the code from the CompositorDemo_FrameListener files in the SDK and converted them to C# for Mogre. When I turn on the HDR compositor in my Mogre app, I see immediate differenses... the bloom is full screen. Everything is bloomed out. It looks like crap actually. The code is almost the same, this line I could not manage to convert:


This is taken from CompositorDemo_FrameListener.cpp at line 748.

This is how I set up my HDR compositor:

m_refHDR = CompositorManager.Singleton.AddCompositor(m_refViewport, "HDR", -1);
m_refHDRListener = new CHDRListener();

Which is similar to the C++ code from the SDK's sample file, except for the above mentioned line with the addListener stuff...

Anyone got any ideas?