Question about MOGRE in relation to OGRE & BSP's


09-08-2007 12:53:31

Hi All,

I know that there is resource for BSP loading etc for both Ogre3D and MOGRE implementations.

I've decided to go the C# route with Express Edition and set things up nicely. I'm battling with BSP intersections.

Is there any C# examples of collision detection for BSP's within OGRE/MOGRE? I would like to know how I detect wall collisions as well as determining whether I am on a plane or not, so that there is an element of gravity.

Any help pointing me in the right direction is appreciated.



10-08-2007 15:46:23

hello? *echo's* any body out there? *echo's some more*


10-08-2007 16:40:38

This is an Ogre question. I am not sure the scene manager provides any provisions to do collision detection with the BSP.


11-08-2007 10:48:48

Don't forget ogre is a rendering engine not a game engine.

but there may be intersection routines available if not then look at the physics engines available to mogre maybe