OgreAL port to Mogre


10-08-2007 05:29:10


Anyone has a port of OgreAL to Mogre?

Or anyone can guide me to write a wrapper to OgreAL with C++ CLI how the Mogre Wrapper, this is because I don´t want to port all the code to C# and to maintain the Wrapper up to date.

OgreAL is not very large, If any of the maintainers of Mogre can guide me?




11-08-2007 01:56:42

I saw that Bekas ported ogrenewt using C++\CLI, but I don´t understand well how to do it.

I want to port OgreAL using C++\CLI instead of rewriting it in C# for 2 reasons, performance, and stay up to date with OgreAL.