Patch For MogreNewt


30-08-2007 17:42:33

I just made a patch for MogreNewt, with the changes for the new version of OgreNewt (0.11), and submited to the tracker, if someone is interested.

- bug fix - fixed problem with TreeCollisionSceneParser that wasn't adjusting to different scales properly.

- added the concept of "face-winding" to all TreeCollision classes. should not cause any breaking changes to code, but allows more flexibility to change the "direction" of a face in treecollisions.

you can see it here:


30-08-2007 23:56:03


I am glad you are updating this. This is great! Thanks. Now lets hope the patch will be applied and a new package will be built soon. A new package with Ogre 1.4.4 would be nice.