Loading a .Scene file in VB.NET with Mogre


03-10-2007 03:01:53

I'm using 3ds Max with the Ogremax exporter.
It outputs a .scene file.
Is there a way to load my scene while using VB.NET?
I can load things individually, but this is getting cumbersome.



03-10-2007 20:34:56

You need to port the scene loader of OgreMax, it is written in C++, you have to port it to C# or VB.NET.


05-10-2007 02:24:10

in the mogre wiki... there is a ofusion and a dotscene loader in C#.. for mogre

somewhere in the mogre wiki .. they are not downloads.. just the code on a page.. for you to copy :wink:


05-10-2007 03:52:04

If you want to use ofusion I ported the loader, there is in the wiki at the code mogre -> snippets section. My loader is the OSMLoader2.