is mogre still under development??


05-10-2007 02:19:33

hello there..

is mogre still under development or has the author of the wrapper abandoned it?..

since the last full working source code version is the 0.2.0 for 1.4.0 as the 0.2.2 for 1.4.3 only exists as a prebuilt sdk ...and current ogre version is 1.4.5

i would like to help.. but my experience level its not really up to the challenge right now that i think i would not be able to do anything useful

just a question because i have curiosity
nothing special hehehe 8)


05-10-2007 22:40:21

MOGRE is on "stand by" status, because the main developer (Bekas), is out for military service, but there are instrucctions for updating yourself manually, if you want so, but anyways, theres isn't to much diference between 1.4.3 and 1.4.5, mainly bugfixes (at least, nothing "urgent", from my point of view)

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David, te mande un mail, ojala y lo leas, a ver si te interesa unirte a nuestro equipo. Saludos :-)
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06-10-2007 00:34:03

thanks..that sounds ok..

i hope that when bekas returns to home.. it would continue updating mogre

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si, ya te mande un mail tambien.. hay luego platicamos


08-10-2007 08:39:23

is mogre still under development

Mogre is a wrapper. It's pretty much finished, it only needs updated from time to time as new Ogre versions get released. Ogre 1.4.x are pretty much maintenance releases. It don't contain major changes. I'm sure when 1.5 is out (or shorty after that) we will have an updated Mogre version.