assembly problem from C# express SP1 ???? (solved ?)


20-10-2007 15:20:38

Hello All,

I begin with ogre & .net , i install last version of C# express SP1 (with patch)
et install Mogre 0.2.2.

Samples compiling ... OK (Great)

But after impossible to run or debug the samples
pb assembly, i try several tutorial : path variable, project with base directory
on ogre filesystem, no one work !
BUT if i run my exe IN ogre path (c:/ogreSDK/bin/release) that WORKS !?!

after several hours, i find a no satisfy way
i copy "mogre.dll" from release to debug directory (in ogre file system)
i rebuilt my project and ALL WORKS !
I dont understand that... mogre.dll (debug version) is a fake ?
my mogre.dll release size 7m and debug version 9m

I hope help the developper's team & an other end user like me ;)