Compiling with 1.4.5


21-10-2007 00:21:13

Does anyone have an MOGRE build with the latest version of Ogre?

If not, does anyone know how to build MOGRE using the latest version of Ogre?


PS A little of topic to the thread:

Can I use the Mogre installation to code in C++ because it says Mogre 0.2.2 and Ogre 1.4.3 installation.


22-10-2007 23:08:11

yes.. you can code in c++ with the native ogre included in mogre installer, just code as you normally do in c++ ... but be aware that the c++ code of that ogre is modified to make it compatible with mogre.. so maybe some addon or code for native ogre will need to be recompiled with that modified source or it may not work