mogre source


22-10-2007 14:56:54

where can i get the actual mogre source, because i want to compile it myself.
i found mogre 0.2.0 source but not 0.2.2.



22-10-2007 23:04:12

i think there are no 0.2.2 source..only prebuilt sdk installer

who ever made 0.2.2 didnt uploaded the full code to the svn

some weeks ago i tried to compile it my self getting the source from svn.. and no luck.. the code that its on trunk.. its incomplete has too many missing files...

so if you want to compile yourself you will need to use use mogre 0.2.0 from the svn

or rollout your own custom mogre build with a new ogre version.. which will not be nothing easy hehehe :P

hope this helps


26-10-2007 18:00:55

I believe pjohnsen (the guy wo did 0.2.2) patched over 0.2.0 instead of creating a new branch. I am pretty sure he commited everything to the SVN.



28-10-2007 20:42:05

im currently trying to build mogre with ogre 1.4.5 with the instructions on the post of pjohnsen to see if i can.

if i succeed i will post the result in here :D