Manage Big Terrain...


01-11-2007 11:02:28

Hello !

I'm new user of Mogre, not fluent(?) in english 'cause i'm french :D

I look for a Library or other in order to manage Big terrain...
Several heightmap 4096x4096 or Splatting.

I've found some think for simply Ogre, but nothing useful for .Net platform...

( A topic with library can be use with Mogre will be nice :p )

Thank's !


01-11-2007 19:05:38



Je recommande fortement PLSM2 (Paging Landscape Scene Manager 2.0). C'est un plugin qui permet d'avoir des terrains immenses et supporte aussi le "paging". Ce qui veut dire que certaines parties du terrains qui sont trop eloignee seront dechargee de la memoire et rechargees sur demande.

Il y a aussi des fonctionnalite d'editions qui sont tres interessante. On peut deformer le terrain, peindre les textures, etc...

Puisque c'est un scene manager, tu peux lutiliser avec mogre comme nimporte quel autre scene manager. Pour acceder a certains trucs vraiment specifiques a PLSM2, il y a un DLL pour mogre qui s'apelle PLSM2Helper et il est disponible dans le SVN je crois.

Recemment, d'autre terrains comme simple paged terrain sont apparues, mais il est encore trop tot pour dire s'il si ils sont fiable ou non.

Si tu as besoin d'aide, laisse le moi savoir.



02-11-2007 12:57:08

Génial, merci de l'aide :D


04-11-2007 23:08:54

I'd love to hear this reply in english if possible


05-11-2007 00:33:40

Word-for-word (almost) translation.


I strongly recommend PLSM2 (Paging Landscape Scene Manager 2.0). It is a plugins that allows you to manage huge terrains et also supports "paging". This means some parts of the terrain that are too far away will be swapped in and out of memory as the camera moves.

There are some other interesting features such as terrain edition (deform & paint).

Since it is a scene manager, you can use as just like any scene manager thought the SceneManager interface, so you can use it in Mogre without a wrapper. To access some speficic features of PLSM2, there is a DLL in the Mogre SVN (PLSM2Helper) that gives you access to it. You might want to customize it for your needs.

Recently, some other terrains systems such as "simple paged terrain" have become available, but it is too early to say if they are any good.

Let me know if you need help.