Mogre Unicode build


02-11-2007 14:33:00

Hi all,

I've been currently struggling to use Ogre in a .NET environment using Unicode and have come to appreciate what a pain it really is recompiling Ogre, all of its dependencies, and Mogre, to the uninitiated :wink:

Since then, I've been thinking that, in a .NET environment, especially with a Unicode-oriented IDE, a Unicode version of Mogre makes a lot of sense, and just to think that in order for people to use it they have to go to all the troubles involved in recompiling order...

Thus, one begs the question: Wouldn't it make sense to have a pre-compiled binary version of Mogre supporting Unicode? It certainly makes sense for all the .NET localization oriented development languages, and I think it would make the job easy for a lot of people.

I leave this as a question to ponder and a request for those in Mogre who are now closer to the build and release pipeline.

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02-11-2007 22:33:19


First, you are right, rebuilding Ogre and all the stuff is a pain in the ass. But Ive seen worse!

Yes, it does make a lot of sense to use unicode. But where would you really use it ? The only place where unicode is really used right now is on overlays.

I dont know if there is a way to use unicode without having to define OGRE_UNICODE_SUPPORT and recompile... It is strange, because, the Font class will allow you to access and character (including the unicode ones) but the *OverlayElement will not let you specify a unicode string in setCaption() without recompiling. Personnaly, I would probably simply have added an overload to setCaption() to support both ANSI an unicode, but that's me.

Right now,an alternative would be to keep ogre non-unicode and use a GUI system that is.

Conclusion. If we ever get a stable maintainer (such as Bekas), we should definetly do it! We should build a todo list for the next release.



03-11-2007 18:41:21

Indeed, one of the uses for it was in Overlay setCaption(), but also eventually for other user defined classes like MovableText perhaps.

I think Mogre marshals all strings to ANSI if it detects that Ogre is not in Unicode. Am I mistaken?

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17-12-2007 14:15:30

Hmm, would a recompile with Unicode enabled be difficult to do? I need Unicode support for the project I'm working on (for captions) and never built MOGRE before. More than happy to put the time in, but want to make sure its not beyond my abilities first!